Fellow Durham Big Riders

It is with great regret that we announce that the 2016 Durham Big Ride and Beast were the last of such rides we will be putting on.

Over the past ten years we have brought you a series of mass participation cycle rides appealing to all ages and abilities but the rising costs of the comprehensive traffic management systems we have always put in place ,which made our events one of the safest in the region, coupled with a decline in the number of participants over the last few years have meant it is no longer viable to continue putting on these rides, So, on behalf of the Durham Big Ride team can we thank each and every one of you who has taken part in one, several or all of our rides either as a cyclist, a watcher, a volunteer or a sponsor for your good humour and support over the past 10 years – it’s been a blast and we have enjoyed each and every event.

However, although the Big Ride and the Beast will be no more, all is not totally lost. Supporters and friends of Durham Big Ride will be moving forward with other new cycling opportunities in the near future so please make sure you keep visiting Durham Big Ride on facebook and twitter so you can be the first to hear details of these.

Happy cycling in the future

For one last time – The Durham Big Ride team